In building great companies…

⚡️ Policy can be the pedal

Accelerate growth, create new market segments, and expose new trends.

🛑 Policy can be the brake

Delay product launches, shrink the TAM, or kill the entire project.

If you’ve ever asked…

“How do changes in public policy impact the building of great companies?”

“How can I follow DC in a way that better separates signal from the noise?”

“What ways can government spark the next wave of progress and innovation?”

You’re in the right place.

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Welcome to MULDERING


To identify massive opportunities for building the companies of tomorrow, based on the less than obvious, but really important, macro trends happening today.


I’ve worked in DC for 15 years in law and politics as Deputy Staff Director for a major House committee and lead policy counsel while my boss was in House Leadership. As for the term “Muldering,” well, here’s the clip from my final hearing as a staffer to help explain it:

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This is a newsletter that provides analysis about public policy in the legislative, political, and regulatory spheres. Nothing here is to be deemed legal or financial advice in any way. Views are my own.

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